Friendship Circle of Philadelphia North is a non profit organization that is on a mission to provide every child with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion they deserve.


Friendship Circle's core values emphasize the equality of all individuals, valuing each person regardless of their differences or disabilities.


Everyone deserves boundless love, acceptance, and a true sense of belonging. Driven by these values, The Friendship Circle is dedicated to offering genuine care and compassion to all families through unwavering support and enriching experiences.


Our devoted volunteers experience the same sense of community and friendship while finding immeasurable fulfillment through their dedicated service. All together we are building a more inclusive and loving community.

Upcoming Events

Open to all: Although we are a Jewish organization, we welcome members with or without any religious affiliation.


Indeed, the real beauty of the Friendship Circle is that it has so many winners: The individuals with special-needs, their families, the teenage volunteers, the staff members and the benevolent supporters.<br /> Thanks to our donors we are able to support thousands of families and individuals