Friendship Circle of Philadelphia North is a non profit organization that is on a mission to provide every child with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion they deserve.


The Friendship Circle extends a helping hand to children who have special needs, involving them in a full range of social, Judaic, and educational experiences.


Mothers and fathers tell of the love and the pain, the joy and the fears, the wisdom and the faith, the mystery and the mysticism of raising children.


Throughout the year, various programs and activities are planned for you to become a more motivated and experienced volunteer, and throughout it all we have lots of fun!

Upcoming Events

The Friendship Circle organizes many events for children with special needs and their volunteers. Click the image to view Upcoming Events.


Indeed, the real beauty of the Friendship Circle is that it has so many winners: The children with special-needs, their families, the teenage volunteers, the staff members and the benevolent supporters.